Ethiopian Census - 1994 Census
Navigate the 1994 Ethiopian census data by region, zone, and woreda.
  • Ethiopia
  • 53,387,800 Population
  • 86.17% 46,006,905 Rural Population
  • 13.83% 7,380,895 Urban Population
  • 49.66% 26,511,442 Female Population
  • 50.34% 26,876,358 Male Population
Quick Facts

The calculation for the projections provided for dates between 1994 and 2019 is based on the 2007 birth and death rates. Migration is not included in the calculation.

Since the 1994 census data for Affar region is not available, the number has been estimated using the 1996 data.

Due to urbanization, the population for cities and towns are expected to be higher than the projected counts.

The Somali region reported unusually high number of child deaths for the 2007 census. Hence the population for the region is expected to be higher than the projected counts.

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